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Attorney Time Control System
Stock No. Description Price
WCTS-4 25 Slips per page, 20 pages/box

$89.00 Per Box

WCTB-8 Folding Pegboard, Walnut

$29.00 Each

We'll make custom laser checks for your software. Contact us!
Pre-Printed Client/Case Folders
Price/Box by Boxes Purchased        
Stock No. Description Per Box
L-321 Lawyers© Folders, 100/box $40.00
These legal-sized manila folders are pre-printed on the inside to track:
  Expenses, Authorities & Remarks, Names,
  Addresses and Phones for Plaintiff,
  Defendant, Trustee, Insurance Co.,
  Attending Physician, Examining Physician,
  Witnesses, and much more.
An excellent way to keep all within a single folder. (Picture not shown)
Classification Folders (Not Shown)

                                                                                        Price Each by # Purchased

Stock No. Description 1 5 10
ACC 15036 Letter-size, 6-part, 3" capacity, 10/box $3.95 $3.70 $3.45
ACC 16036 Legal-size, 6-part, 3" capacity, 10/box $4.31 $4.04 $3.77
Expanding File Pockets
     Price Each by How Purchased       
Stock No. Description Indiv By Box
Regular Gusset
KLEA1524E Letter, 3-1/2" Expansion $1.31 $0.61
KLEA1534G Letter, 5-1/4" Expansion $1.33 $0.90
KLEA1526E Legal, 3-1/2" Expansion $1.40 $0.65
KLEA1536G Letter, 5-1/4" Expansion $1.87 $1.11
Cloth Gusset
KLECG1534G Letter, 5-1/4" Expansion $2.18 $1.65
KLECG1536G Legal, 5-1/4" Expansion $2.39 $1.81
Expanding Wallets w/ Elastic Closure
Price Each by How Purchased        
Stock No. Description Indiv By Box
Regular Gusset
KLE-E1056E Legal, 3-1/2" Expansion $3.82 $3.38
KLE-E1076G Legal, 5-1/4" Expansion $4.25 $3.99
Cloth Gusset
KLE-ECG1056E Legal, 3-1/2" Expansion $4.45 $4.19
KLE-ECG1076G Legal, 5-1/4" Expansion $4.48 $4.59
Removable Indicator Tabs      "REDI-TAGS"    (120 Tags per Dispenser)
Stock No. Description List Price     Our Price
BTE 81024 SIGN HERE (Red) $5.39             $4.31
BTE 81034 SIGN HERE (Blue) $5.39             $4.31 
BTE 60435 NOTARIZE (Silver) $5.39             $4.31
Many other types and assorted colors are available!
(1-5/8" x 1" labels, 20 per sheet, self-adhesive, 240 Labels per Pack)

Easy Set-up instructions for use with Microsoft Word® and any Standard Laser Printer.
Add $1.00 per pack and we'll print "whatever you want"
Just give us the Stock No and the text you want when you fill in the
Legal Supplies Order Form

Stock No. Description Price
TAB 48090 exhibits-u-create (White) $5.99
TAB 48091 exhibits-u-create (Blue) $5.99
TAB 48092 exhibits-u-create (Yellow) $5.99
TAB 48093 exhibits-u-create (Red) $5.99
TAB 48094 exhibits-u-create (Green) $5.99
TAB 48095 exhibits-u-create (Orange) $5.99
Exhibit Labels       "TABBIES"     (252 Labels per Pack)
Stock No. Description List Our Price
TAB 58024 DEFENDANT'S EXHIBIT (Yellow) $5.75 $4.60
TAB 58025 PLAINTIFF'S EXHIBIT (Green) $5.75 $4.60
TAB 58026 PETITIONER'S EXHIBIT (Orange) $5.75 $4.60
TAB 58027 RESPONDENT'S EXHIBIT (Blue) $5.75 $4.60
TAB 58090 EXHIBIT (Yellow) $5.75 $4.60
TAB 58091 EXHIBIT (Blue) $5.75 $4.60
TAB 58092 EXHIBIT (White) $5.75 $4.60
TAB 58093 DEFENDANT'S EXHIBIT (Blue) $5.75 $4.60
TAB 58094 PLAINTIFF'S EXHIBIT (Yellow) $5.75 $4.60
TAB 58095 DEPOSITION EXHIBIT (Red) $5.75 $4.60
We also stock TABBIES Legal Exhibit Tabs. Please inquire about availability.
Binding Supplies & Service
We supply front and back binding covers, clear and colored.

       We stock 19-Ring Plastic Bindings for 11-inch sheets;
       from 3/16" to 2" in diameter, in black and in white.

We also supply Office Binding Equipment and offer Binding Services.

Call for more information!
Southworth Bond Paper
Price/Ream by Reams Purchased
Stock No. Description 1-4     5
SOU 403-C Letter, 20-lb Bond, White $20.88 $18.10
SOU 403-CR Letter, 20-lb Bond, Ruled $30.82 $21.54
SOU 403-CRM Letter, 20-lb Bond, Mass. Ruled $33.00 $26.75
Stock No.


Price per Ream
SOU 403-CRN Letter, 20-lb Bond, Ruled, 1-28 Margin $39.18
SOU 403E Legal, 20-lb Bond, White $27.68
SOU 403-ER Legal, 20-lb Bond, Ruled $34.28
We will custom print your firm name and address on these papers, in margins or elsewhere.
Southworth Manuscript Covers

100 Covers per Box

Stock No. Description Price
SOU 41S Blue Manuscript Cover, Legal, Plain $16.08
SOU 41SM Blue Manuscript Cover, Letter, Plain $16.40
SOU 41P Blue Manuscript Cover, Legal, With Boxes $26.40
SOU 41PM Blue Manuscript Cover, Letter, With Boxes $26.80
We will custom print your firm name and address
on these manuscript covers.

Order these supplies on the Legal Supplies Order Form.
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to email your request or question.

(Time Control System)

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Expanding Wallet
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Business Paper
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