We offer various styles of Lady Justice and Scales of Justice.

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Brass Lady Lacquered.jpg (47263 bytes)
   Lady Justice

Lacquered Brass
   Lady Justice  10"


   Stock No. LS-LBLJ

Bronze Lady Justice Bookends.jpg (59815 bytes)  Bookends

Bronze 9" High
   4" Marble Base

$ 225.00

   Stock No. LS-LBBE
Bronze Lady Justice Statue.jpg (75253 bytes)
   Lady Justice

Arm Held Above
   Bronze 12" High

   Stock No. LS-LBLJ
Bronze Lady on Marble Base.jpg (57235 bytes)
   Lady Justice

Bronze 12" High
    including Marble Base
$ 139.00

   Stock No. LS-LBLJ
brass_scales.jpg (8889 bytes)
  Corinthian Scales

16" High

   $ 89.95
   Stock No. LS-CS


Scales 12 Inch.jpg (48187 bytes)
   Small Scales

   12" High

   $ 39.95
Stock No. LS-SS

 lawyers_wit.jpg (34105 bytes)
Lawyer's Wit and Wisdom
   Quotations of the Legal
   Profession, In Brief

   5-1/2" x 6-1/2"
   211 pages

Jokes Quotes.jpg (50823 bytes)Lawyers
   Jokes, Quotes and

   5-1/2" x 5-1/2"
   264 pages


Disorder in the Court.jpg (31220 bytes)
Disorder in the Court
   Great Fractured Moments
    in Courtroom History

   5-1/2" x 8"
   255 pages
Book of Ethics.jpg (31027 bytes)
Lawyers' Book of Ethics
   Ed. Judge James N. Court
  (Be prepared: It's a spoof!)

   5" x 7"
   60 pages